DOTA 2 Debuts a Patch Over 17,000 Words in Changes, and the Community Couldn’t Be More Divided on the Results

This past Friday, Valve released DOTA 2 update 7.33, and it’s a comically big one: Through a crude copy-paste exercise, the counter lists 17,143 words in patch notes. At a rate of 130 words per minute, it would take you more than two hours to read them all. Fortunately, the Washingtonian developer has an entire website dedicated to “The New Frontiers” which is what this new version of the monstrous MOBA is called.

Visiting it, the novelties are broken down in a more digestible way: the leading role lies in a considerably expanded map, with 40% more land which, in turn, also houses many other elements of strategic value (such as portals that you can jump between). Also, parallel to this comes a reimagined jungle with new routes to collect gold, attack strategies and the like. We add runes, wells, camps and more.

I recommend you read the patch notes, hosted at the first link of the article, to find out all the details if you haven’t already. There are a lot of balance tweaks and even reworks on a lot of champions, so chances are high that it affected you one way or another. All in all, user reviews indicate a disparity of opinions very clear, as reflected by the graph implemented on the Steam platform itself: almost 50/50 ratings, in fact.

Steam (Valve)

As you can see in the image above, since April 21 there has been a peak in user reviews for DOTA 2, and the ratio between thumbs up and down is almost equivalent: 1128 good to 906 bad on that same day. Many of the complaints are related to the game balance or with bypasses (eg script users on the loose, matchmaking system, etc. “Instead of strategic pacing and ganks [ataques coordinados] across the map, this is about people running around and killing each other” says user Carl, with over 10,000 hours.

Time will tell if it’s a matter of getting used to it, or Valve revisiting some of the new changes. However, its recent peaks of activity are close to 800,000 simultaneous playerswhich is not far from its all-time high of 1,291,328.

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