Does Diablo 4 beta progress stick? Blizzard answers our questions

One of the big news this week is that we will be able to try Diablo IV again soon. The announcement of a new beta for Blizzard’s RPG it’s something to be welcomed, but what about the progress of the previous session? And what will happen to what we do in this new demo? Blizzard has cleared up the doubts.

In an official statement, Blizzard has confirmed that any progress we made during early access to the game, or during the open beta, will be deleted from the Diablo servers. This it was something to be expected since Blizzard itself confirmed that the drop rate of legendary items was higher than planned to be able to carry out more tests during the beta. Thus, it would be unfair let us keep these objects.

For the new Diablo IV early test (called “Beta Return” by the studio), this index will be adjusted to reflect that of the final version of the title. So, does this mean that we will be able to maintain the progress we accumulate this time? Well no! This will also be removed once the title hits stores.

From the point of view of the designers at Blizzard, it makes perfect sense to do this. To begin with, we are not playing the definitive version of the title, and what we experience will not be representative of the real Diablo IV. On the other hand, there may be other balance and progression factors that would leave benefited players with an advantage over those who haven’t been able to test the game beforehand.

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The new Diablo IV open beta will take place next May 12. Begin to that day at 9:00 p.m. (peninsular time) and will last until the same time on Sunday, May 14. Considering how overloaded the servers were on the previous occasion, I recommend arming yourself with patience and time to wait.

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