Does Atomic Heart have ray tracing on PC? The Russian game adds its first controversy as soon as it is released

Of all the video game releases in February, one of the biggest on the PC scene is, without a doubt, Atomic Heart. Mundfish’s retro-futuristic shooter has been a graphic marvel practically from its conception, counting on the ray tracing as one of its hallmarks… or not? And it is that, now that she has left, the story is complicated.

We knew that ray tracing would be absent from the console versions of the title, but we hoped to be able to enjoy all its graphic power on our computers. Promoting itself in conjunction with NVIDIA to boast of this lighting technique, it turns out that its premiere has brought us an unpleasant surprise.

If you open the game looking for the ray tracing options, you’re going to get a disappointment, because the title does not have those features. Although they were supposed to be present, it seems that this is something that will come with time. The Rock Paper Shotgun guys even contacted Mundfish reps to ask if it was a bug, but the answer was no. This is not a bug, but Atomic Heart on PC does not have ray tracing release, and its creators will implement it later.

If we look back at the marketing of the title, we will see that yes was repeatedly named. The colleagues of the Wccftech portal received news that the console version would not have this launch quality, but the title’s director, Robert Bagratuni, did not say anything about a delay on computers as well.

Atomic Heart does not have performance problems on PC, but our version is not without criticism

The minimum PC requirements for Atomic Heart didn’t mention anywhere about the cost of the lighting and shadow technique either, something that, in retrospect, could have created suspicion. Of course, with so much mention of it in their trailers and marketing materials, it is normal for the public to be surprised at the lack of something they took for granted. At the moment, we don’t know when ray tracing will be added.