Do you want to play Atomic Heart practically for free? We teach you how

There is only one day left for Atomic Heart to reach our computers. The Russian game is about to be released, and the shooter lovers We’re all waiting to sink our teeth into it. Of course, tomorrow you will be able to enjoy it without going through the box, and perhaps in a much easier way than you think.

This week is full of powerful PC game releases. Among all of them, it is clear that Atomic Heart It is one of those that have made the most stir. With its retrofuturistic aesthetic that reminds us of BioShock. and a powerful visual design, it is a hot title.

If you are thinking of going through the box to be able to enjoy this crazy title, you may want to wait a bit, because the possibility of playing it no extra costs is there. No, it’s not like there’s a magical way for the game to appear in your Steam library, but it is possible that you’re already paying to play it.

Luckily for many, Atomc Heart will not only be released in the Valve store, but also Coming to PC Game Pass Day 1. That is, starting tomorrow, if you have Game Pass, you will be able to play this unique FPS without spending any money. On the other hand, if you are not currently subscribed, you can get a one-month Game Pass trial that costs just one euro and enjoy the game.

Can you play Atomic Heart on Steam Deck?  The shooter of the moment faces Valve's laptop

Finally, if you are hesitating to play it, I recommend that you read our analysis of Atomic Heart in 3DJuegos. It may not be perfect, but you don’t have to be either. It is a game that shines with its own light and that has cost us very little to recommend. Of course, we are in a month that is coming to hit very, very hard.