Do you want Fire Emblem on PC? The creators of his best clone have announced a sequel

While it is true that playing on PC offers many advantages, such as access to a much larger catalog than consoles, access to many game offers and more control, sometimes some of the exclusive franchises of other machines are missed. . Fire Emblem is one of the stars when it comes to SRPGs, and although it has not reached computers, today I bring you a convincing sea alternative.

If you’re a fan of the genre and you play on computers, you’ve probably already heard of Wargroove, a clone With all the letters of the classic and most mythical versions of Fire Emblem, those of GameBoy Advance. Having been very well received upon its release, its creators have today announced its sequel.

Wargroove 2 will follow in the footsteps of its prequel, bringing strategic role-playing battles that are very reminiscent of the Intelligent Systems saga. Set in a medieval fantasy world, there are problems in the kingdom of Aurania, and it will be your job to solve them based on spread firewood tactical using a new cast of characters. In addition, you can play with your friends in co-opboth in the original installment and in the new version.

At first glance, what most enters the eyes of Wargroove is, without a doubt, its careful and dynamic pixel art. Emulating the aesthetic we saw in the GameBoy Advance, the homage done is evident, but not the only asset of this, now, duology. If you want strategy and role-playing that will test you every two by three, these are your games.

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We don’t have a release date for Wargroove 2 yet, but we can already tell that the title promises. If you haven’t played the original, I recommend you do it, since you also now have it with a succulent 70% discount. At only 5 euros on Steam, this is your chance to enjoy one of those indies that come to fill in the gaps in our catalogue.