Discovering this tool changed the way I set up Windows and has saved me dozens of hours since.

Once you finish assembling your brand new computer and installing your new copy of Windows, it’s time for one of the worst parts of having a new PC: installing all the programs you’ll need to play, work or simply use your machine. I don’t know about you, but that to me it makes me hallucinate laziness…or at least gave it to me. Discover Ninite It has changed the way I take this phase, and I want life to improve for you too.

Starting with the basics: what is Ninite? Is about a free tool very easy to use that allows you to install custom software packages yourself with just one click. Choosing everything you want to download to your computer, you simply have to run a combo installer and it will add all the software you have selected in a matter of minutes with just 1 click.

If you are thinking that this could be tricky and fill your PC with bloatware —the typical browser and antivirus bars that you don’t need—, don’t worry because it even protects you against it! If any of the programs you want to install come bundled with third-party installations, Ninite takes care to avoid them so that your hard disk does not fill up with virtual garbage.

As for the programs, the official Ninite website leaves you a list of more than 80 programs divided into different categories. Whether you search from browsers and image editing programs to tools for programmers or advanced users, there is very little software that, since I used this option, I have had to download separately. To give you examples, you have programs like GIMP, Zoom, Discord, 7-Zip, VLC, foobar2000, Audacity, qBittorrent, Steam and MalwareBytes, among many others.

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On the other hand, if what you want is not only to install this software, but also to manage it from a single interface, you can do it too, although this time you will have to pass by cashier. Ninite’s Pro option leaves you update, reinstall or uninstall the programs that you have chosen through your client. The price, yes, will depend on the amount of equipment you use, something that gives us the clue that this facet is designed precisely for system administrators who manage company networks.

And, well, what else can I add? The truth is that not much. And it is that, thanks to the fact that Ninite is a direct program and works exactly as it says it does, this recommendation in the end has become a rather short article. Choose the programs you want, hit install and forget about everything. It seems to me a lie, but it really is that simple.

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