Discord will force you to change your name, and it is one of the best measures that will come to the platform

It has happened to all of us: someone asks you for your Discord name and of course you remember it… but not completely. You have to open the program, go to your information and also pass the number next to it. I don’t know about you, but I still I don’t know it by heart, and Discord is aware that I’m not the only one. So he is planning changes that I personally applaud.

And it is that if you think that this is something to be ashamed of, you should not! In fact, it is very common not to know what your discriminator is (this is what the four little numbers after your username are called). In fact, a post on the Discord blog comments that almost 50% of requests Friendships don’t reach the user they should because they used the wrong discriminator. Half! It’s outrageous, and that’s where a big change comes from.

Discord is going to remove the use of discriminators

Originally, the discriminator was added for a reason that is also very important: that no one was left without the name what did he want. For some of us, who have less common usernames, it hasn’t been necessary, but others will suffer from the company’s next move. Suppressing discriminators comes with a price to be paid by users.

Of course, if we have JiminyCrillo#0001 and JiminyCrillo#3812, by eliminating the numbers we would be left with two people with the same user on the platform, and that can not be. On the other hand, did you know that Discord usernames differentiate between upper and lower case? Not me, but it seems that this is another problem for the administrators of the most popular voice communication program in the gaming world.

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With all these headaches on top, the administrators have decided to cut their losses and remove both measures. Both discriminators and case sensitivity will be a thing of the past, replaced by a system much more familiar to us: usernames and public names.

In the future, we will use the same formula as on Twitter: each person will have a username preceded by @ and then a public alias, similar to how the channel name works right now. As you can imagine, this is not going to be easy, and both you and I are going to have to do our part to make this transition.

Discord Image

This is how Discord will look after this change.

If you’re thinking “what’s wrong with my username?” right now, well, maybe you’re going to have to change it. Throughout this year, and starting in the coming weeks, the app will ask us to enter a new name. In fairness to the vast majority of people, those who registered first will have priority when choosing a new name. If you have been on the platform for a long time, you may be able to keep the user you have, but it is likely that you will have to think of another one.

It’s not going to rain to everyone’s taste

The Discord bosses know that this modification is very big and that perhaps it does not rain to everyone’s taste, but they are also looking for the long-term common good with their new movement. If you don’t want to lose your username, keep an eye on Discord! A notice within the app will give you the possibility to make this choice. Luck!

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