Diablo 4 creators will start using AIs to generate images in their games

If there is a topic that is hot in the world of technology (and social networks) it is, without a doubt, that of artificial intelligence. With a lot of noise about his revolution, but also criticism of the model, which can mean for the jobs and legality For some of its applications, it remains a boggy ground. Blizzard seems to have decided to start going through it, and its new patent for image generation proves it.

Despite the controversy, AIs are gradually becoming established in the creative method of video games. The other day we were talking about how a modder had added ChatGPT to Skyrim to make NPCs react to our commands with procedural naturalness. Never seen before in an RPG. The AI ​​application that Blizzard wants to use is very different.

As we have been able to learn thanks to the colleagues of the GameRant portal, the new patent from the parents of Warcraft seeks to speed up the creation of graphics and textures using neural networks. In other words, we would not be, in principle, facing something similar to Midjourney that creates illustrations, but, as you can see in the following image, a generation of graphics that would help create more complex elements through simpler examples.

Blizzard Ia Image

Despite this, the problem continues to be the way in which these types of neural networks work, since they need external material to be trained and to be able to draw parallels when generating content. So that the example of Blizzard does not go through the controversial (and unfortunately all too common) situation of plagiarism, the company should train your algorithm with your own material or whose rights you have purchased for this task.

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Keep in mind that the registration of a patent does not have to mean that the company will use these functions. There are many concepts that they get patented and end up in nothing, and those that are used, usually take a long time to be applied. What I mean by this is that, far from saying “Blizzard starts using AIs instead of its employees”, have to wait to see the development of this, although we should do it with an arched eyebrow.

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