Destiny 2’s latest expansion is free to play for a limited time

This week, Destiny 2 welcomes its fans with a notification that reads “play for free The Witch Queen“. In case you weren’t very into the subject, this is the expansion that was released at the beginning of 2022; and if you will allow me, it is also one of the best downloadables that the franchise has had in general. The point is that , if you had not enjoyed it yet, you have until February 26 to complete his campaign and get hold of his 14 pieces of exceptional equipment.

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Naturally, once that time is up you’ll need to have the DLC registered to your account to continue playing its content, so it’s more of a way to catch up on history leading up to the release of D2 Lightfall just a couple of days later (February 28). That last one has been pre-orderable for a few months now, in case you’d rather jump right in there instead of starting with the previous episodes.

The Witch Queen (The Witch Queen in English) leads the guardians to explore the Throne World of Savathûn, one of the oldest and most powerful entities in the hive; although my personal recommendation is that you get carried away by the gameplay rather than the story. That expansion reintroduced the legendary difficulty mode, a classic in Bungie games that returned in style. It was a super fun experience, which forced you to think a bit without putting yourself on the ropes to overwhelming levels.

As I was saying, the next DLC will arrive in a matter of days: Lightfall is set in Neomuna, a city on Neptune that is now besieged by Calus himself —now as one of the Witness’s Disciples— but we will have a new power to stand up to them . It is about the Binding, which you have surely already seen in trailers.