DC multiplayer seems to succumb to hate and disappear from the calendar

Among Warner Bros.’s big bets for this 2023, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was in the top 3. Multiplayer is not only behind Rocksteady Studios, but we are talking about a brand and a group of villains that have revitalized their passion after the 2021 movie. Be that as it may, the game does not seem to want to come out, and it is that It has been delayed by third time.

This is an extremely complex situation and very, very curious. The multiplayer with RPG touches from the authors of Batman: Arkham Knight took part in Sony’s State of Play event last February. Everything seemed to be going well for the development, aside from the complaints from the community, but the game has been delayed with no confirmed date.

Remember that the game was scheduled to go on sale on May 26, 2023, competing in time with wonders like Diablo 4. According to Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg journalist, both Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have made the decision to move the release of the game and, attending to a person close to the study, will see the light “later this year”that is to say, throughout this 2023.

Although, and as we have commented, this new delay (the third already to its credit) prevents Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from competing with wonders like Final Fantasy XVI, the aforementioned Diablo 4 or the new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, hides much more. The reception of the game during the past State of Play was very negative, reaching a spectacular number of dislikes on YouTube: 44,000 dislikes vs. just 9,268 likes.

Winning the GOTY in 2022 and 3 months later losing 99% of your community is worrying

The concept of game as a serviceas well as the imperious need to play it on-line They have made the game of a Rocksteady that has only known good words, become one of the least expected of the year. A situation completely contrary to Hogwarts Legacy. The other Warner Bros. project has succeeded above expectations and has become the best-selling singleplayer game in history in Europe.