date, time, duration and where to see the Microsoft conference and the direct from Starfield

We are already approaching the time of important conferences and announcements. Despite the cancellation of E3, the industry has not stopped, and this June Microsoft has a lot to teach us. We know that the protagonist will be Starfield, but there are also more pieces on the board, and today we finally have the confirmation of date and time in which the Redmonds will show us what they have up their sleeves.

Announced last March, the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 will be a reality. Apart from granting a space of its own to StarfieldMicrosoft has prepared 90 minutes of news where we will see what all its studios are doing, such as Obsidian Entertainment or Ninja Theory, in addition to the news that will come to Xbox Game Pass.

Date, time, and duration of the Xbox Games Showcase

We already knew that this conference would take place next day June 11, but now we know what time it will start. the party will start at 7:00 p.m. (peninsular time) and it will have a total duration of two hours, since we will also have 30 minutes exclusively to take a look at Starfield, the new from Bethesda.

In addition to all this, there would be an extended version that will air on June 13 at the same time, although we do not know its duration. Here you will be able to see a lot of interviews with the members of Xbox Game Studios, in which they will explain their plans for the future, as well as give us more information about what is happening within the brand.

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This June, don’t miss out on what one of the greats in the industry has to teach you. You will be able to watch the Xbox Games Showcase through YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. Remember, it all starts June 11 at 7:00 p.m.although if you just want to see what’s new from the creators of Skyrim, this conference will start 8:30 p.m. (peninsular time).

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