CS:GO becomes a war popularizer with a map for young Russians to “open their eyes” to the war

The importance of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on PC is unquestionable. We are talking about a license that has not abandoned this platform and that since the early 2000s has been cultivating a community that has only generated “devotion” for the shooter by Valve. That is why using Counter-Strike to divulge everything that is happening in Ukraine and its seemingly endless war with Russia is the best idea to go unnoticed and reach a huge group of players.

Yes, we have not invented anything in that first paragraph, and that is that the largest and most important newspaper in Finland has launched this crusade to divulge all the information and make the Russian players see the vetoes of his government to information that is harmful to them. And it is that, as Kotaku adds, a Wall Street Journal reporter was arrested in the country on charges of espionage since unfavorable news is considered “treason.”

That is why Helsingin Sanomat has decided to use CS:GO as a distribution tool. The game is one of the most enjoyed in the Asian-European country with almost 4 million players of military age (young adults), so creating a specific map to share details that would otherwise not pass the Putin government filter is a foolproof plan.

He map was published on May 2nd for World Press Freedom Day and in it, when a player dies in de_voyna, available for download in the Workshop, they will be taken to a underground room where they can read excerpts and headlines about the war. We can even see a detailed map where the Russians have attacked and even a table listing the number of Russian soldiers killed.

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“Russia’s senseless aggression against Ukraine has killed tens of thousands of civilians, including children,” adds one of the creators of Helsingin Sanomat. “The least we can do is expose Putin’s war crimes and the russian propaganda”.

It is not the first news that we have seen around the war and invasion of Ukraine by the Putin government. We have recently been able to read how the Ukrainian military is using Steam Deck to be able to control unmanned vehicles thanks to its power.

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