Common rarity skins have to go from games, and The Finals walks the path of righteousness

The Finals has been making a lot of noise on the internet lately, now that the closed beta has found its way into the hands of a few lucky ones. Our partner Abelardo, without going any further, shared his impressions in 3DJuegos after a few hours fighting for control of the golden boxes that feature in the games on the Embark Studios IP. A humble servant has also had the opportunity to participate in the testing phase, but the perspective that I bring is somewhat more specific.

See her store in-game It has changed my life, and I don’t want to go back.

Like many other releases free to playThe Finals lives largely from the sale of alternative appearances of weapons and characters, or cosmetic accessories for the latter (backpacks, pendants, that kind of thing). In his beta, all these pieces feel 100% fresh and different from each other: they have their own ideas, modeling and VFX. Below you have a screenshot so you can see for yourself how the theme is, but the idea is that only things of value are offered.

I am not saying that you have to like all the skins from the store, but having only a small selection of genuinely interesting stuff to choose from adds many points in favor of the Swedish study. With this, and knowing that those responsible give you a handful of credits to dress your combatant as you like, the evolution of your characters goes from zero to one hundred in a few clicks from the moment you start. That’s good, and I wish it would stay that way forever.

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In fact, I’ve only been able to find a common rarity item in The Finals beta: It’s a skin you get at the end of the pass, although in reality its 3D modeling is complex enough (in my opinion) that it carries at least the “epic” label from its peers. With such a good outlook, it makes me want to pick up sticks and torches and rebel against the system, against games where lazy skins are the order of the day.

The Finals (Embark Studios)

I don’t want to go through 30 base recolors in one pass just to get to the level 100 legendary

Extending the prism of the item to the video game industry In general, I think it’s time to face this fact: you can only equip one skin at a time, and the moment you get your first legendary (it doesn’t matter what title we’re talking about) the lower rarity ones are automatically invalidated.

I don’t want to pay for a season pass and go through 30 skins that are recolors from my avatar’s default skin just so I can get to the legendary one you get at level 100. Instead, I’d rather have access to just two or three skins, but really worth it. Three quarters of the same for in-game shops: a daily rotation where I only see a couple of salvageable things becomes sad.

The Finals (Embark Studios)

Is it feasible for developers to do things like this? Well, that remains to be seen and hopefully the The Finale full version follow the lead of your beta. But I can think of many reasons why a publisher might want to place low value items for their F2P games, and none of them serve the best interests of the player.

  • They add interest to those that are more expensive.
  • They are frequent rewards that can be offered to players.
  • If someone wants to pay to advance through the pass, they should invest more if there are a lot of irrelevant rewards involved.