Cloning Kelvin is the latest from the Sons of the Forest community, and it sounds as epic as you’d imagine.

Sons of the Forest has premiered in style and in just one hour it became the most watched of the week on Twitch. We are talking about a crazy indie with a very nice character: Kelvin. The NPC of the game will always accompany us, everywhere, and if we like him too much, we can even clone it.

You may not like him, or you like him, but Kelvin is a sweetheart. He accompanies us everywhere; we can command you tasks; and best of all, something that we should not detract from, it is always relaxing to have a human or something that does not want to eat you next to you. Less than a week later, the modder CallMeSlinky has achieved enable console of game debugging to be able to tinker with the game data.

According to the PcGamer portal, we will need the Unity framework mod, the graphic engine that is the basis of Sons of the Forest. With this installed, we just have to enter the command “addcharacter Robby 1” to have as many Kelvin as we want.

Who is Robby? It turns out that it is only the first name that the nice Kelvin had before going on sale. That yes, nothing to have an army of this character, and it is that “if you put too many can start to cause FPS issues“. In fact, it seems that the game starts to show performance problems from 4.

A maximum cap established at 4 Kelvin is not bad, but best of all, since they are clones subject to the same game code, as long as you entrust one of them with a task, everyone will replicate it. The situation is somewhere between comical and spectacular, with Kelvins going around the island with logs on their backs, hunting or building booths.

In 24 hours, Sons of the Forest achieves one of the highest player spikes in Steam history

He is not the only character that can be cloned. You can also have multiple Virginias with the command “addcharacter virginia 1”, so an army of Kelvin and ladies with 3 legs and 3 arms may sound criminal, but epic. Be that as it may, it is to be hoped that the follies of the community do not end here. We will be aware of them.