Can you play Atomic Heart on Steam Deck? The shooter of the moment faces Valve’s laptop

Since its release a year ago, Steam Deck has occupied the heads of many fish tanks every time there is a new release. Now, with the arrival of Atomic Heart, it is normal to think “Does this game work on Valve’s laptop?”. Well, don’t think about it anymore, because we have the answer.

And it is that, although the Steam Deck is an impressive machine for its size, it is also true that his power is relative, and to think that some of the most visually impressive video games that come to us can run on it is complicated. Even so, Valve’s laptop is full of surprises, and the case of this shooter is one of them.

If you head over to the Steam page for Atomic Heart, you’ll see that, at least for now, there’s nothing to indicate whether or not it’s playable on the Steam Deck. Luckily, the colleagues of the specialized portal PCGamesN have already managed to test title on laptopand have verified that the Mundfish shooter can be played without problems.

Some recommendations for playing Atomic Heart on Steam Deck are to use low graphics settings, with shader caching enabled, and disk speed set to SSD. Along with that, they have also opted for a maximum of 40 FPS for the game and the machine, which will also help to maintain battery life.

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Be that as it may, it is not yet necessary to throw the bells on the fly. Since Valve has not confirmed if the title is merely playable or if it is verified for optimum performance on your platform. Considering the game is out tomorrow, we’ll have an official verdict soon. Meanwhile, you can read our analysis of Atomic Heart, a game that has amazed us.

Image Source: Vecteezy