“Can you imagine killing a Locust in first person?” This was the Gears of War 4 that its creator wanted

Although many years have passed, the purchase of Gears of War by Microsoft still weighs heavily on many. Although the first game of the new trilogy, signed by The Coalition and under the name of Gears of War 4, was a good start, that previous testosterone inflamed by Cliff Bleszinski went into the background. Today we know that the father of the license thought of a fourth installment in first person.

Cliff Bleszinski hasn’t had very good luck in the gaming world since Gears of War. After the third installment of Marcus Fenix ​​and company, the American signed a little flattering LawBreakers, to later jump to a battle royale to use under the name of Radical Heights. However, and before the purchase of the IP by Microsoft, the designer considered modifying Gears of War until turn it into an FPSsomething alien and contrary to what previous games had achieved.

This is how the VGC portal collects it, who anticipates that Bleszinski was considering “betting on the first person”. “Can you imagine pulling out a chainsaw to kill a Locust in first person?” Continues the creative for the podcast from XboxEra, assuming how absolutely crazy it would be to witness the bestiality from the Gears universe in first person.

As he says, everything seems to indicate that this fourth installment began to take its steps, but it all ended in nothing when Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games in 2012, shortly after the launch of Gears of War 3. In fact, and although the next game fell in People Can Fly just 1 year after their departure, they did not maintain any concept Of the delivery originalso we will never see that Gears of War in the first person.

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Even so, the essence of the saga was always in the camera on the shoulder. Bleszinski himself created a school based on other games like Kill Switch, from which he rescued his coverage system, to inspire future releases like Uncharted. Of course, what we know is that Bleszinski is as far from the saga today as we are from testing Gears 6, still in development and with a lot of work ahead.