Blizzard receives a multi-million dollar lawsuit from its former Chinese partner, NetEase

Although it is true that we have already spoken several times about lawsuits against Blizzard, today’s is from a completely different nature. A few months ago we talked about how the company had dissolved its deal with NetEase, the company responsible for bringing its titles to China, as well as the author of Diablo Immortal. Now, the Asian company has an army of lawyers.

And it is that after canceling the agreement that brought NetEase closer to millions of people from all over China, now the distribution company blame Blizzard for losses and seeks multi-million dollar compensation. Alleging that his contract had unfair conditions, now the publisher seeks compensation for the expenses caused.

After 14 years working together, NetEase argues that it was Blizzard’s duty to repay the players affected by this cancellation which it failed to do. having to pay about 13 million euros in compensation for active subscriptions, it was the Chinese company that assumed the costs for its base of 1.12 million players.

In addition to this, as we have learned thanks to the WoWHead portal, the contract has a clause that asks NetEase to leave a large amount of deposit money in order to publish the games, which they say Blizzard he has not returned to his former business partner. This deposit was created to insulate Activision from the risks of publishing in China, and, in theory, should have been refunded after the deal was broken.

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For all this, the plaintiff is demanding compensation of 300 million yuan (about 39.5 million euros To the change). It is, of course, one of the largest lawsuits we have seen on this side of the industry, although its future is uncertain due to the particularities of the case, such as the fact that it is a clash between an American company and a Chinese one.

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