Bethesda removed content from Skyrim and its vampires, but left it in the code and now you can download it as a mod

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a timeless RPG. It is not only that Bethesda wanted to bring the 2011 game to every generation of console and gaming platform, but that even today it is still played with the same excitement as in 2011. Of course, in this game development thing nothing is easy and many times you have to remove the scissors. Part of clipped content of Bethesda’s magnum opus was starred by the vampiresand now it has been rescued thanks to this mod.

Although vampires are part of the lore of The Elder Scrolls and even starred in Skyrim’s DLC, Dawnguard, not all the work of Todd Howard’s team saw the light of day as thought in its production. According to the modder ssocialanxiety, there was skills that did not see the light as Vampiric Force, and even damage or power statistics cut in the final version and that remain as reminiscence in the code.

For this reason, The Bloodhunt, its mod, seeks to give a new life to these bloodsuckersalways attentive to lore, yes indeed. This creation also adds a certain touch of “realism”, within the medieval fantasy of Skyrim, to the fact of being a vampire. For example, wandering around the daytime scenario will be impossible because the Sun will hurt us, but it starts to drain our life from 5 in the morning. The modder pushes the time back to be 6am to 8pm. m when the bright star prevents us from leaving.

The mod is already available for download, but it doesn’t have everything said. The creation of ssocialanxiety still has certain details to polish and modifications that add. He himself advances in the description of the mod that all the additional content that is missing, at least the one we know of, is easy to rescue. Therefore, the rest of the additions and corrections will focus on the “house brands” things that he has included.

What do we know about The Elder Scrolls 6?

Of course, once The Elder Scrolls VI arrives, we may forget that Skyrim once hallucinated us. The sixth chronological installment of the Bethesda and ZeniMax saga is scheduled to arrive at some point in this decade on PC and exclusive to Xbox consoles. Of course, the RPG is still in its infancy and has not left its pre-production phase.

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