Baldur’s Gate 3 hardens its requirements on PC, but it does so by seeking to give us a better experience

If, like me, you are a fan of classic RPGs and more traditional role-playing, it is very possible that Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of your titles. most anticipated of all 2023. The new Larian Studios video game already has a release date, and now that it’s getting closer, the studio is preparing for its premiere. Of course, with its early access release, the minimum and recommended requirements of the game They have increasedand you should know which ones are new to have a good experience.

With the announcement that the new RPG from the creators of Divinity: Original Sin 2 is going to leave the Early Access program, the creators of Baldur’s Gate 3 have wanted to launch a new official statement some of the latest aspects of the title to specify. Among them are the modifications to the minimum and recommended requirements of the same, which have now become more demanding.

And it is that, as announced by the Belgian study, the graphic section has become more complex and demanding since testing began, so they need to ask more of our computers.

Minimum requirements

Recommended Requirements


Windows 10 64-bit

Windows 10 64-bit


Intel i5-4690

AMD FX8350

Intel i7-8700K

AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Graphic card



NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super




16 GB




The increase in requirements is considerable, but it also positions the title as something we would expect from 2023. Far gone are the GTX 1060 and AMD FX processors. On the other hand, the storage required to host the entire title has doubled, something that is normal considering the new amount of content that will arrive.

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From Larian they affirm that it is possible that their new game works on computers that meet the old requirements, although they do not dare to affirm it emphatically, and they comment that this can spoil the experience of the players. If you want to check it, you just have to wait for the next August 31.