Atomic Heart is strong, but it does not reign alone

We open another week with a fairly impressive roster of PC releases. February condenses many of their upcoming hits into its final week, and this time you’ve got 8 powerful premieres to pay attention to. Whether you are looking for strategy, RPGs or shooters, there are must-haves here for all tastes.

February PC Releases

Atomic Heart

Image of Atomic Heart

  • Genders): first person shooter
  • Release date: February 21st
  • Available in: Steam and Game Pass

The so-called “Russian BioShock” finally lands, and it does so with a most ambitious visual display, in addition to the music by the great Mick Gordon. If you’re looking for a hectic yet unique shooter, this big February release is the perfect candidate for you to spend hours on.

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Image of Like a Dragon Ishin (SEGA)

  • Genders): action, open world
  • Release date: February 21st
  • Available in:Steam

The long-awaited remake of one of the lost Yakuza games is finally coming to the West. Taking us back in time, in Like a Dragon: Ishin! You are going to say goodbye to the yakuza to focus on a period story full of katanas and pistols, but maintaining that power that characterizes the saga.

Redemption Reapers

Image of Redemption Reapers

  • Genders): role-playing, turn-based strategy
  • Release date: February 22
  • Available in:Steam

If the release of Fire Emblem: Engage left you wanting to enjoy a turn based RPG on PC, Redemption Reapers may be the answer to your problems. From the creators of the metroidvania Ender Lilies, the title has a dark setting and tactical gameplay ideal for lovers of the genre.

Company of Heroes 3

Image from Company of Heroes 3 (Relic Entertainment)

  • Genders): real time strategy
  • Release date: 23 of February
  • Available in:Steam

The legendary RTS saga come back in style to PC. Relic Entertainment takes us back to World War II and prepares us for a new generation of strategy with a classic flavor. With modernizations where necessary, but also a classic flavor, it is a must-have for February, and even more so on PC.

blood bowl 3

Image of Blood Bowl 3

  • Genders): sports
  • Release date: 23 of February
  • Available in: Steam and Epic Games

The American football saga based on the Warhammer Fantasy universe is back, and more naughty than ever. It is not a sports simulator, so it can be perfect for the most casual fans of the sport, and also for Warhammers who want to enjoy something lighter and less settled in the strategy.

Sons of the Forest

Image from Sons of the Forest

  • Genders): action, survival
  • Release date: 23 of February
  • Available in:Steam

One of the most anticipated survival games in recent years is already here. Sons of the Forest comes as the successor to the already legendary and successful The Forest, and it will also be one of the most important premieres in February. There are only 3 days left until this oppressive adventure is launched.

Kerbal Space Program 2

Image from Kerbal Space Program 2

  • Genders): simulation
  • Release date: February 24th
  • Available in: Steam and Epic Games

If you want to become a scientist and create your own rockets, but you don’t want to study many years of career and theory, the sequel to Kerbal Space Program comes to give you the most relaxed simulation and full of humor. Of course, keep in mind that this is the beginning of its early access.

Octopath Traveler II

Octopath Traveler 2 Image

  • Genders): Turn-based RPG
  • Release date: February 24th
  • Available in:Steam

Square Enix returns to the fray with the sequel to Octopath Traveler. With eight different characters and their individual stories, you will revisit the beautiful world that 2D and 3D mix while you discover everything that his world hides from you. classic combat and an outstanding artistic section are a good claim for fans of the classic JRPG.