Atomic Heart announces its first DLC with a confirmed release window, and it’s coming very soon

Atomic Heart is one of the third party from Microsoft for the most important Game Pass of the year. This sponsorship from Redmond has earned the Russian study Mundfish to publish a game that seemed never going to go on the market. Even so, this Russian retro-futuristic fantasy still has a lot to say and has announced its first DLC.

This first additional content that, curiously, is called only DLC#1 will take us to the station 3826, one of the many environments of this Russian madness. Although the location follows the same impossible aesthetic, it is even more risky with an underwater location and another on the ground level, but we know little else.

And it is that although the russians from Mundfish had commented that they were working on DLCs in the future, there is no more information about this additional content. His teaser barely 20 seconds in advance only anticipates his release this summerand from there we cannot get much more.

For now, we will have to wait to find out more about the game, although it is to be expected that considering that the game was released on Game Pass the same day it was released, the Russians will bet everything on free additional content. And it is that, although we do not know anything else about this DLC, it has a certain touch of secondary content which we could already access in the base game. Something that not necessarily bad.

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Be that as it may, we will have to wait. However, whether we have an Atomic Heart 2 or not remains to be discovered, but we do know that its publisher has closed a dream fiscal year thanks to the shooter. The presence of various releases in Game Pass brings with it certain doubts about its benefits. The last one that has been plagued by these doubts has been Hi-Fi Rush, although Xbox has tried to deny it at all times.

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