Apex Legends misses his new character, and comes with a very “cheated” (and cool) pistol from Titanfall

Apex Legends continues unstoppable among the most played week by week, even day by day. Although the battle royale from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment is no longer a “hot topic”, it continues to maintain a very large and stable player base. Of course, among all those who could have filtered out his New CharacterEA did not expect them to be themselves.

Although this information has not yet been confirmed, we are talking about an image shared as part of the Veiled Collection event on the EA website. The leaks of the game for its Season 17 pointed out that its star character, the one who would appear in the game for the first time, would bear the name of Ballisticand this would be your first picture.

The image in question, to this day, no longer accompanies the blog post about the new event, but the community has acted quickly to get as many screenshots as possible. In them we can see a character very similar to Fuze, although more “cool” and wearing what looks like the Smart Pistol MK6 that we met in Titanfall.

Regarding the abilities and background of this character, although there is nothing confirmed, we are talking about a arms dealer He will deal a huge amount of damage with his weapons. As Twinfinite rescued, his Ultimate would give an additional improvement to the damage of his team’s weapons and his own.

Apex Legends and Titanfall were going to have a new singleplayer game, but EA seems to have canceled it

However, and as we have anticipated, there is nothing confirmed by Respawn or even Electronic Arts. What we do know is that Season 17 of the American battle royale will begin next May 7th.

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