An important moment from The Last of Us Episode 9 almost gave us another game without Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is over, and although it has left us with a void that can only be filled by its remake in just 14 days, when it is the first time that the IP arrives to touch the PC as a gaming platform. Of course, and although there is still a long way to go for the second season of the HBO phenomenon, Neil Druckman has revealed that something already seen in its last episode almost gave us a new game.

Having Druckmann in the chair of showrunner of the project implies that, taking into account that it is the father of the IP on consoles, it can provide details or elements that escaped its inclusion in the video game. That has been done with Episode 9 of the series (CAUTION, SPOILER), and that is that the inclusion of the plot of Ashley Johnson as Ellie’s mother led us to a prequel in game form.

Yes, just as you hear it. It has rained a lot since the launch of the first and second games, but at some point, Neil Druckmann himself has assured that the idea of ​​making a prequel telling what happened to the mother of the protagonist crossed his mind. This has been commented by the creator himself on the Kinda Funny YouTube channel, where he has recounted important details about this latest episode, in case you want to hear it.

“There was version a lot more complete of this story that it went back in time and that it was going to be made into a video game,” Druckmann affirms flatly during the moment focused on the character of Ashley Johnson in the series. The story of Ellie’s mother was going to be crucial, but there would be no been signed by Naughty Dog, but by another development studio.

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Perhaps this idea arose between the development of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2, but with the immense work involved in that sequel, Californians would not have had time to deal with a new development. Be that as it may, and with The Last of Us making headlines, it is to be hoped that the IP in both entertainment mediums will continue to live for a long time.