AMD’s FSR 3 Won’t Work With NVIDIA So Upgrade To The RTX 40 Or Buy One From The Red Team

The recent fight within the PC in terms of graphics and performance is disputed in a very curious battlefield: that of the scaling technology. NVIDIA has its DLSS and AMD its FSR, and both compete to be the best solution to gain FPS by slightly reducing the image resolution. Of course, if you wait with open arms for the AMD FSR3 and you don’t have a brand GPU, may not work on an NVIDIA GeForce.

This is how the Wccftech portal of the Twitter user collects it @Kepler_L2. Although it is not confirmed by AMD itself, this user has found two very interesting lines of code that would suggest that FSR 3 would depend on the red team drivers to work.

This would, unsurprisingly, kill any chance of seeing FSR on competitive GPUs, but there’s more. The new version of the scaling will include “FrameGenRatio” for create up to 4 interpolated frames between the actual images. That is, it would considerably improve the speed of images without relying entirely on AIas NVIDIA does with DLSS.

The news, far from being a minor announcement, is something quite important within the gaming for PC. In today’s competition, DLSS has gained ground on FSR 2 in terms of performance. Even so, if both third generations of the scaling are exclusive to a particular graph, we may be facing a moment of vital importance.

Regarding the user, and although we remember that there is nothing confirmed at the moment, the situation is complex. Until now, the fact that DLSS 3 is exclusive to the RTX 40 marked a before and after in its community, but with this decision by AMD the situation could get worse. For those who want to have updated software, you will have to go through the box to upgrade your generation of graphics or move to the red team.

AMD’s mid-range is coming

Just as NVIDIA has its mid-range of the RTX 40 pending, AMD reserves its “missiles” for This trimester. In total, the red team still has 12 GPU models ready to go, but the ones we care about are midrange: RX 7800, 7700, and 7600.

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