AMD has been ignoring the most problematic bug of its graphics cards for a month, and that is that they can leave you without Windows

AMD continues to struggle to break into the podium in the GPU market. Without being able to snatch the crown from the green team, their graphics cards still do not have the best reputation, and their drivers are giving more than A headache. Now, a latest bug in the software of these components has even corrupted entire Windows installations.

AMD’s Adrenalin drivers have been criticized for years for their performance in the first months of the GPU’s life. Much is said about how, over time, these evolve to improve considerably the experience of the graphics, but its failures are even more commented.

And it is that, as we have been seeing, some users of AMD graphics cards have been dealing with a big problem for some time: updating the drivers makes them Windwos becomes inaccessible, coming to need a reinstallation to be able to work. Meanwhile, AMD did not offer an answer, or at least not until now.

The bug also happened to Brad Chacos, editor of the PCWorld portal, who began working with AMD to resolve it, while also chronicling the entire problem. According to him he says, update to version 23.2.2 from Adrenalin ended up corrupting your operating system installation. When this happened, I could only follow a cycle of going from the BIOS screen to an immediate blue screen, without being able to solve the mess even by changing the graphics.

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The culprit, it seems, is the “Factory reset” option in the driver options, which is used to perform a 0 update. AMD has said it’s working on a way to fix it, but in the meantime let’s be careful with itwhile we update our Windows before installing new drivers for your graphics.