Alan Wake 2 already has a month of release, and we know it from a slip of its main actor

Of all the triple-A studios, Remedy Entertainment is one of the most unique and celebrated studios. With a lot of properties with their own flavor and a lot of pedigree, among them one of the most celebrated is the mysterious Alan Wake. its sequel will come this year but we do not have an announced release date. The voice actor of its protagonist, yes, has decided to give us more information about it.

The new from the creators of Max Payne is almost upon us, or at least that’s what its protagonist says. Remedy has already reaffirmed its intention that Alan Wake 2 be released in 2023, but he did not dare to reveal data beyond that. Being almost in the sixth month of the year, fans of the franchise were burning to know when the title will arrive.

Matthew Porretta, the voice actor of Alan Wake, has been in charge of reviving the hopes of horror lovers. Making an appearance on the Monsters, Madness and Magic podcast, the North American actor has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 not only continues its development normally, but that It has a launch window.

It’s supposed to be out in October, We are working on it. In fact, I was in Finland last week,” the actor says casually. He may not be aware that this is the first time we’ve learned about the game’s release window from such an official source as his.

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If we take this data for granted, and there’s no reason not to, we’re left with two more unknowns: exactly what part of October will the game release? When will this date be announced? For the second question there is a more than logical answer: the Summer Game Fest 2023. Having announced the project in the Game Awards 2021it is logical to think that we will know more about him during the new event of Geoff Keighley, the same boss of the “Oscars of video games”.

When is Summer Game Fest 2023?

With the fall of E3, the Summer Game Fest has positioned itself as the main event of this summer as far as video games are concerned. With the presence of several dozen studies, the conference will take place next June 8 at 9:00 p.m. (peninsular time).

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