Activision Blizzard improves the conditions of its workers, but excludes the Warzone development team due to legal disputes

For a few months now, the situation in ActivisionBlizzard it is a bit delicate. After the accusations against Bobby Kotick, its CEO, the protests of its employees, the unionization of part of its staff and the purchase by Microsoft, it seems that we cannot stop talking about this company.

Today the company gives good news to its employees, although there are certain nuances. As we have learned from the financial portal Bloomberg, the company is going to hire as full-time employees about 1,100 workers of the quality control section of the template.

This comes after years of criticism for the working conditions that this sector of the company had, which was relegated to not having a specific time contract and a particularly low salary. With these new contracts, moreover, will increase your salary at $20 an hour.

On the other hand, this comes with some very big nuance. If a few months ago we were talking about the employees of Raven Software, creators of Call of Duty: Warzone, decided to unionize. Today we know that this wage increase will not apply to them due to legal obligations, as confirmed by a company representative.

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This, obviously, has not sat well with the workers, and less so with the unions, who see the movement as a way of dividing the workforce by Activision Blizzard. On the other hand, it must be remembered that there is still legal processes unfinished behind the unionization of Raven employees, which is what Activision cites as a reason for this disparity.

Finally, another of the keys to the matter has to do with Microsoft. Part of the online discourse has wanted to emphasize that this is a move by the Redmonds to “clean up” the company, but Phil Spencer’s company legally can’t make changes of any kind until the acquisition is completed, at the end of fiscal year 2023.