A wave of layoffs hits Take-Two, the publisher of GTA, as its games are flooded with negative reviews

We are in a tough time within all technology industries. Layoffs are a daily occurrence for many industry giants, and Take-Two, the publisher of GTA and one of the industry’s biggest punlishers, is no exception. Today the company announced that will cut out your templatealthough with nuances.

And it is that after the news of large amounts of layoffs in giants like Microsoft, Google, Activision Blizzard and other industry partners, it is hardly surprising to see that Take-Two join this trend. Fortunately, it seems that the reasons are different from those of its market rivals, and that the scale is also much smaller.

According to the trade journalist Jason Schreierfrom the financial portal Bloomberg, the company has laid off workers especially in its Private Division branch, its third publisher in charge of titles such as Kerbal Space Program 2, The Outer Worlds and a new Middle-earth game whose name has not been revealed, among others.

Despite the fact that events have affected Private Division, there are also other parts of the company that have been affected. According to Alan Lewis, representative of the company, the abolition of jobs will have a minimal impact within the development studies and its objective is to align the organization with the long-term priorities of the company.

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The truth is that Private Division he’s not having a good time this month. He early access of Kerbal Space Program 2 was received with more than acid reviews, while the new edition of The Outer Worlds is becoming the talk of the week, “enjoying” only 20% positive reviews.