A leak about the RTX 4060 Ti reveals its launch window, and it seems that NVIDIA wants to give us a cheaper GPU

Although it is true that NVIDIA has just launched its new graphics card, the green team does not rest. The RTX 4060Ti it seems to be on the way, but, as is often the case in the PC hardware scene, we don’t have an official announcement, just leaks telling us when it will be out.

Despite the fact that the launch of the RTX 4070 has not gone as NVIDIA wanted, it seems that the leading graphics card company does not plan to modify the trajectory of their Ada Lovelace GPUs. The mid-range begins its personal Normandy landing very soon, or at least that’s what the embargo guide for these cards says.

As reported by the VideoCardz portal, the RTX 4060 Ti have a launch window located at the end of May, although there is still no specific date set by the green team. On the other hand, the “regular” RTX 4060 still doesn’t have an embargo set, though it’s not unreasonable to think that we could see it at the end of june or even early July.

This is not all the information we got from the leaks that have arrived today, but we finally have some information about the RTX 4060 Ti itself. Based on the information we have, you will use the same board as its predecessor, the 3060 Ti. While it is true that this does not allow us to fully talk about its performance, it does give us clues that, hopefully, this will lead to a cheaper modelsomething that this generation is missing and that NVIDIA is being criticized a lot.

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As always, it must be taken into account that, since this is a leak and not something confirmed by the company itself, it must be taken with some skepticism. At the moment, we lack information on how the graph will perform. Will it achieve what the brand’s previous launch couldn’t? Looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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