A huge hit has just landed on Steam with 95% positive feedback, 30,000 players and first best seller on PC

The horror genre has not died, it never will. It continues to be renewed year after year, generation after generation, with the most crazy concepts possible. The Outlast Trials hits a review of the concept of survival in which the protagonist is defenseless against enemies and takes him into the multiplayer arena. A very risky bet that made us think that perhaps Red Barrels was not prepared for it. Nothing is further from the truth, and Steam makes it clear with a 95% positive reviews in less than 24 hours.

After a long wait, a delay and a release date that seemed elusive to us, the reconversion of this classic concept made it has busted on PC. The game, at least for the moment, is only available on PC and it is that it has been released in early access, but that does not mean that the most fish tankers are enjoying it as rarely as possible.

At 3DJuegosPC we were able to play several days before its launch, and although there are concepts that need some polishing, logical considering that it is a declaration of intent for the future, it is as terrifying as the previous two. For this, the game has earned a well-deserved “extremely positive” regarding the reviews on the Valve platform.

We have the more than obvious funny reviews that make us smile with the ingenuity of the players, but also those who have succumbed to the obscene terror of Red Barrels. “I’m going to cry”, “Outlast: Latin America Survival”, or “I played the intro and shit, 10/10” make it clear that the game is working like few others.

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And it is that, the PC had been seeing poor launches for weeks that did not satisfy many. It seems that, finally, the indies are the ones that are taking the cake and it is that like this new Outlast, Age of Wonders 4 was released with a resounding success on the Valve platform. ohwhat a taste of indies!

Horror games in 2023

Of course, The Outlast Trials is not the only horror game of this 2023. The next to arrive is a highly anticipated Amnesia: The Bunker, and that is that the Frictional Games saga is also reinvented with a concept of story without a script that will expand and branch out according to our decisions. These will be followed by Layers of Fear, Alone in the Dark Remake, Alan Wake 2, and hopefully Silent Hill 2 Remake.

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