A Bloodborne remake with next-gen graphics sounds utopian, but a fan is doing it on Unreal Engine 5 and has proof

A demake with PSX graphics, a pixel-art reinterpretation and even a racing spin-off: there are lots of community projects aimed at recovering a Bloodborne that, somehow, continues to elude its more than mandatory passage on PC. Since Sony hasn’t met that need yet, fans are still working on their own solutions. The latest of these efforts is neither more nor less than a remake back and forth in Unreal Engine 5 that sounds too good to be true.

“I decided redo bloodborne from scratch in UE5, since Sony doesn’t want to” reads a tweet from Maxime Foulquier, accompanied by a video demonstrating the feasibility of his idea in real time. The user in question, responding to his Twitter profile, is a 3D artist who in turn works on another video game that (at first glance) is something like a BB in isometric perspective. His name is Bloody Doctor, if you want to take a look at him. The point is, is it really possible to replicate the complete FromSoftware classic?

It’s hard to believe, but if you take a look at the post below these lines, you’ll see that the Bloodborne remake is really on the right track; and although anyone might think that it is only a technical test, among the answers we find one from the author who ensures that the game it will be free to download once it is finished, which implies his interest in continuing the development until the end. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep it on the radar, in case it really does happen.

Bloodborne continues to be the most requested title in the PlayStation catalog on PC, which has been dropping old exclusivities for a few years. The original was released only on PS4 back in 2015, so we’re on our way to its tenth anniversary. We have no clues about his possible resurrection, but as they say, man lives on dreams: it’s a matter of time to see if we will actually return to Yharnam in all his glory in a couple of years.