$700,000 disappears in another historic cyber-theft

The digital collectibles scene is one that looks crazy from the outside, but makes a lot of money from the inside. With skins worth thousands and thousands of euros, CS:GO is one of the most representative titles of this practice. Of course, where there is money, there are crooks and scams, and today it is time to talk about a cyber robbery that has resulted in $700,000 in losses.

If you’re not really into the world of CS:GO skins, the number may surprise you, but these collectibles can be highly coveted on the gaming scene. Ranging from several hundred dollars to even reach over a million, the value of Valve’s title cosmetics has skyrocketed over the years. Today, some of their owners are many thousands of dollars poorer than they were before.

Transactions for the purchase and sale of skins are usually carried out through external markets, and one of the most important in the world has been the victim of a hack with disastrous consequences. Around $700,000 worth of CS:GO skins disappeared last february 15which has caused the store to close its doors and get down to business.

Without giving much more information, we only know that access to their servers was obtained illegally and that, supposedly, they have identified the three responsible of the cyber heist, while posting their identities on Steam. This is why we prefer not to link to the website in question, as it points directly to individuals who may be innocent.

4.7 million euros wasted due to envy in a historic ban on a CS:GO player

At the moment, the relevant authorities within the exchange site have decided to cease their operations temporarily. As they say, they are working with Valve to try recover all stolen material, admonish the culprits and return to normal activity as soon as possible. On the other hand, although it may surprise you, this is by no means the biggest theft in the history of the game, having been carried out in June of last year and collecting 2 million dollars in CS:GO skins.