Will Hogwarts Legacy have multiplayer? His study responds to those who want an online mode for the new Harry Potter

After nearly two years since its first look at the PS5 presentation event, Howgarts Legacy showed technical muscle last night and its benefits beyond the graphic section in Sony’s State of Play. A wide world, with many possibilities, although they did not shed light on one of the most common doubts in most current open world proposals: ¿will have multiplayer?

Although the presentation event was extensive, there was no confirmation from Avalanche Software, although there were small snippets of gameplay what I know they sensed as cooperative. However, nothing is further from reality. The parents of Disney Infinite have advanced on their official website that Hogwarts Legacy will be an experience single player exclusive.

As we can read in the “questions and answers” section of the game, Howgarts Legacy will not only dispense with any type of cooperative game, but the study suggests that it will also not include online functions. While Avalanche emphasized the importance of companions in the adventure, who will ultimately be controlled by the AI, many users were hoping to see some multiplayer functionality in Quidditch, the beautiful game in the world of Harry Potter.

In fact, linking with the null online functions, the American study affirms that they will do without internal purchases or microtransactions. It seems that we finally have a proposal for a classic player, which begins and ends in our system.

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Hogwarts Legacy still has no release date, although the studio finally announced that its release window is scheduled for end of this year, thus dispelling rumors of a September premiere. The title under license from Portkey Games will have strong components rollersas well as a kind of decisions to outline a story with narrative pillars, in principle, quite deep.