The best alternatives to Dark Souls on PC

Since Dark Souls came into our lives, one of the genres that has spread the most in the industry They are called “Soulslike”. As the name suggests, these are the titles that take some of the key elements of the From titles to create their identity. Some are based on copying all the elements of these games, while others take the most representative and adapt it to other forms.

In any case, in recent years the games of this current have multiplied, bringing a mixture of derivative and surprising games. Due to its nature, Steam is one of the places where we can find the most titles inspired by FromSoftware, and today we are going to see some of the most striking ones on the platform and, in addition, what do people think from them.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This is probably one of the best known games on the list. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order follows the adventures of Cal Kestis, a traumatized jedi Due to the events of the fall of the Jedi Order, the game mixes combat and some of the Dark Souls systems with semi-open zones and action reminiscent of Uncharted.

Counting on over 73,500 reviews, 90% of these are positive. Players tend to emphasize what satisfactory of his combat, how well it represents and expands the Star Wars universe, how elaborate its story is and how good its graphics are. In general, it is a very, very round title.

Hollow Knight

Moving on to an indie game, Hollow Knight is perhaps one of the best known names on this list. mixing 2D metroidvania action with elements of Dark Souls, it’s a very unique experience. Yes, the games’ signature 3D combat isn’t here, but you won’t miss the way it tells the story, how it handles character introductions, and its crushing, but fair, difficulty.

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We are facing a game with almost 200,000 reviews behind it, 97% of these being positive. It’s certainly not turkey mucus. In this case, the truth is that his fans praise everything from the title of Team Cherry, although to highlight is its artistic direction, how competent it is as metroidvania (I can vouch for it), its level design and how demanding, although rewarding, it is. It is not a title suitable for those who are prone to frustration, but, of course, neither is Dark Souls. In general, this is one of the best rated Soulslike titles.

Nioh 2

From Team Ninja, the creators of Ninja Gaiden, comes Nioh 2. This is another highly rated title, with almost 20,000 reviews under its belt (87% of them positive). If Dark Souls seemed difficult to you, wait and see what this Japanese studio has done with the formula. Offering a fight much faster and flexible, while demanding, we are facing what is possibly the hardest game on the list.

In their comments, Steam users talk a lot about the wide variety of customization that the game has (both in terms of appearance and gameplay, combos and builds) and its incredible difficulty. In addition to this, they emphasize that they see here a title far superior to its first part. If you’ve tried Nioh and weren’t convinced, ironically, its sequel may be just what you need to fall in love with Team Ninja’s action RPGs.

deadly shell

It may “only” have over 2,500 reviews, but Mortal Shell is one of the best-known soulslikes out there. Turning up the intensity the darkest of Dark Souls, is one of the titles that most closely resembles FromSoftware’s action RPGs. Still, it’s more than just a copy and paste and has interesting gameplay concepts that veterans of the genre will appreciate.

Regarding the valuation of the title, although it is true that there are some complaints about artificial intelligence from enemies, Mortal Shell withstands the judgment of users. They emphasize that it is a smaller game than Dark Souls, although this is not bad at all, but rather makes it more compact and contained. Its atmosphere, soundtrack and difficulty (somewhat lower than that of Dark Souls) are elements generally praised by those who have liked the title.

The Surge

From the creators of Lords of the Fallen (another soulslike), comes The Surge. A title that places much more emphasis on aggressiveness and has a more moving combat than its predecessor, but that does not make it any less tense or tactical. It is a sea of ​​original game that dares to do what many have been asking for a long time: move the soulslike genre to a futuristic science fiction setting. 77% of the more than 5,500 reviews it has are positive.

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I was surprised (for the better) to see that the plot of this game is being talked about very well, since it is something that is not usually highly valued within the genre. On the other hand, its frenetic gameplay It is at the center of many of the positive reviews, in addition to its setting and the system of maiming your opponents (robotics, it is not a gore game).

Code Vein

Bandai Namco, the publisher of the Dark Souls and Elden Ring saga itself, also wanted to join the soulslike with Code Vein. Created by the God Eater team, the anime setting dark of the game comes as a house brand. It’s a much more narrative title than the FromSoftware games, but no worse for that.

The title has almost 28,500 reviews, and 87% of them are positive. The aesthetics and anime setting are at the center of many of its favorable reviews, as it is one of the few games in the genre that can boast of this. On the other hand, its difficulty is also usually the object of reflection, in the case of a title complicated to tackle, but satisfying to master. In addition, the character creator stands out, offering a high level of customization.

Remnant: From the Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes mixes randomly generated gunshots and events with the design philosophy of Dark Souls. With almost 34,500 reviews, it is such a popular title as darling. Of course, it is also a fairly hard game when it comes to playing.

His fans talk about the lots of content that it has (especially since it has 2 DLCs), the enormous variety of weapons and builds that you can mount and how fluid and well-made its combat is. Of course, it is another one of those ultra-difficult titles, although this is nothing bad or surprising.

Salt and Sanctuary

Moving on to lesser-known titles, Salt and Sanctuary is one of the first games that decided to mix the metroidvania formula with that of the souslike, although it is closer to the From games than it could be, for example, Hollow Knight. It has more than 14,000 reviews, of which 90% are positive.

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One of the things the reviews emphasize is how much this game feels like a translation of Dark Souls to 2D, being extremely faithful to From’s formula, but for good. Also, his art style, the way he handles platforming, and the variety of weapons and builds are points to consider.


With a combat system similar to that of other soulslikes, but somewhat simpler, Ashen may not be as demanding as his first cousins, but that doesn’t make him any less interesting. Counting on an open world and an emphasis on the cooperative, is something different, but not for that bad.

It has 2080 reviews, of which 70% are positive. In the comments, his players talk about his level design and how great his exploration is. On the other hand, the use of co-operative mode enriches the experience, although some players think that it is not fully implemented. In contrast, a recurring complaint is that, although there are several weapons, they are not so different from each other as to say that the game’s arsenal is varied.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

And another metroidvania arrived with touches of Dark Souls. Ender Lilies isn’t as close to FromSoftware’s games as Salt and Sanctuary is, rather it’s quite more like Hollow Knight. With a dark and fuzzy story, this title focuses more on exploration and melancholic tone than other souls-like mechanics.

Of the nearly 15,000 reviews it has, 95% are positive, making it one of the highest rated games on this list. The artistic style and its music are two of the points that the community liked the most, although they are not the only thing that stands out. His combat and his use of exploration have also left users quite happy, who comment on how round the experience with this title is.

hell point

Do you want something that is dark science fiction and pure mixed with Dark Souls? Hellpoint is exactly what you are looking for. With an anything but subtle setting, the game wants to get the space horror under your skin while featuring classic souls gameplay spiced up with guns and long-range combat.

The game has been well received, with 79% of its nearly 2,000 reviews being positive. Users agree that one of the things that makes this game most unique is your visual identity. Instead of wanting to be “another Dark Souls”, he does his own thing and creates his own brand. In addition to that, despite being a complicated game, it feels fair and not at all artificial in its difficulty, something to be thankful for in this genre. If you add to this a large variety in terms of equipment, it is understood that the community may have liked it so much.