The Overwatch League is going through a bad time without any sponsors a few weeks after its start

Overwatch 2 seemed like a pipe dream that would never come. However, last week we were proud to announce that, after your curious delay Last year 2021, it would return this April with a beta, although without a release date.

Even so, its first part continues to receive players week after week, but it seems that the good news ends there. The Overwatch League has kept the game alive for years, but with its fifth season just months away, it still has no sponsor. According to the Washington Post, the start of the season will take place may with “The Battle for Texas” —the first game of the fifth year of competition—, but it seems that the sponsors remain reluctant to open your wallet.

The best-known and largest sponsors of this type of event, Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew, separated from Activision-Blizzard when there were lawsuits from different workers and associations close to the multimillion-dollar company. This was one of the hardest moments for the Overwatch International Leaguewhich benefits greatly from sponsorships.

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PC Gamer adds that Sean Miller, director of the Overwatch League, announced that the company had not been sitting still and was in negotiations with new companies for the fifth season of the league. With the situation like this, Overwatch 2 has a complicated situation with a view to its launch, foreseeably at the end of this year.