Trailer and date of The Quarry: horror camp with eighties touches, decisions and a cast of Hollywood stars

With the horror anthology due to end this year with The Devil in Me, UK studio Supermassive Games is shaping the future far from the IP that it develops with Bandai Namco as a distributor. The Quarry is part of that future, and while there isn’t a sequel to the PlayStation-exclusive IP Until Dawn on the table, 2K Games will be in charge of carrying out the idea of ​​Will Byles.

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the one that was Until Dawn creative director signs now The Quarry, a new narrative horror adventure where both he and the studio will pour everything they have learned over the years. After a very brief announcement yesterday, Supermassive Games has advanced a first preview of the game and details both playable and its extensive cast of actors.

The playable basis of The Quarry will be very similar to that seen in its previous licenses, with an overall story that, in this case, follows a series of teenagers submerged in a night of terror and persecuted by both bloodthirsty locals As for something even more sinister. all of our decisions will mark the future of the adventure and, even if it is a choral story, the destiny of each one of the 9 characters It will be decided as the hours progress.

As expected and considering the almost Hollywood productions in which the studio has been immersed, The Quarry will arrive with a outstanding technical invoice and making use of new motion capture technology. Although the last bet of the British, House of Ashes already looked exceptional in the graphic section, for this new installment the study lighting has improved and face capture.

The Quarry Render Abi Ariel Winter 1

As for the cast of characters, Supermassive has had no problem attracting seasoned actors in the cinema, some of them coming from the best horror films, for their past productions. In this case, the team will mainly consist of David Arquette (“Scream” saga), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Dominion), Brenda Song (Dollface), Lance Henriksen (Aliens) and Lin Shaye ( Insidious).

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Apart from this, The Quarry is not a single player experience and can be enjoyed in the company of up to 7 friends in an online game, without neglecting cooperative gaming sessions on the same system. This adventure will be available next June 10, 2022 and ditches an Epic Games Store release for a Steam premiere.