the Harry Potter game is wide and promising

The wanderings of the magical world created by JK Rowling and brought to the cinema by Warner Bros. has not had a huge history in the video game far from adaptations of the films starring Daniel Radcliffe. Without dealing with bad adaptations, there has been little interest in taking the currently known as Wizarding World to the interactive world, which is why this Hogwarts Legacy generates so much expectation.

The studio behind it, Avalanche Software, parents of Disney Infinity, has plenty of experience when it comes to entertainment, but this Hogwarts Legacy is a step further; and this Sony State of Play has made it clear that, without testing it for ourselves, the future of Hogwarts Legacy is spectacular. Presented last 2020 within the framework of the first PlayStation 5 event, today we have been able to see something more of this future open world bet.

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Although it has been Sony that has gotten all the attention, Hogwarts Legacy will also be released in pc and proposes us to tour Hogwarts and its surrounding areas while we are another kind of “chosen one“, a student who has a certain attraction to ancient magic. As we could see in his first trailer, we will be able to choose physical appearance of our protagonist to later be sent to one of the four houses of the school.

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While the American study has been somewhat grim reaper in words with what are the consequences of each of them, what is certain is that we are facing a proposal not only for action and exploration, but, curiously, construction. Apart from the alchemy, magic and other classes, which will help us create potions and improvements, we can also slightly customize certain locations from Hogwarts.

Avalanche’s bet seems to want to cover a lot, from the action, the exploration of land -whether on foot, on a broom or animals- with weather changes and day cycles and night; fantastic animal hunts; complete puzzles; explore dungeons… The interest in the studio makes it clear that it goes beyond bringing the world of Harry Potter to the video game and delivering. However, far from the PlayStation edition, which ran natively on Sony’s current-gen console, we haven’t been able to see anything of its PC version.

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Perhaps the most important thing is,When will classes start at Hogwarts?? The truth is that, again, Warner Bros. has not shared much information. Far from the rumors of its premiere in September of this year, the American company has confirmed, at least, its launch window, whose premiere is scheduled for end of this year 2022.