Xbox Game Pass is compatible with Steam Deck, but with many limitations: more catalog sacrificing local play

Steam Deck is already in the hands of many players around the world, and now it’s time to see how to get the most out of it. being compatible with a lots of games from the Steam library, this may not be enough for some. Fortunately, there are alternatives. So so.

Within the PC panorama, one of the services that players like the most and spreads is the Microsoft GamePass, which offers a large number of games for a few euros per month. This selection is welcome, but it has a problem: to take advantage of it, your PC must be running Windows.

As we were commenting the other day, the use of Microsoft’s operating system in Steam Deck is, let’s say, a regular idea, since a large part of Valve’s machine optimization comes from its software work, and Windows lacks all that pampering . Then,what can they do Deck players to benefit from Game Pass?

Well, it seems that the solution is very easy. ¡Install Edge for Linux! We have been able to learn, thanks to a post by the Edge CM on Reddit, that the new Xbox Cloud Gaming beta (included with Game Pass Ultimate) allows its use through this browser on the Steam Deck. Of course, not all titles work with this method, you will have to use Edge yes or yes for it and the service that allows you to access this is cloud gaming.

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Do you have a Deck and want to try what Game Pass can offer you through this new service? To do this, go to the Xbox Cloud Gaming page and check a look at the catalog that you have available there. On the other hand, I remind you that here we have a list of Microsoft games that work well through SteamOS.