The Witcher 3 hides an easter egg so well hidden that it took us 6 years to see it

The Witcher 3 is, as we all know, a massive game. With a large amount of content, tons of hours of gameplay, tons of NPCs and a overwhelming variety of missionsit is normal that there are still unexplored corners within this titanic game.

Today it’s time to talk about NPC Vivienne of Tabris and the adventure of youtuber xLetalis to discover his latest secret. All this comes from the comment made by Philipp Weber, quest designer at CD Projekt Red. This, as a result of a video that xLetalis made about the character, commented that he wondered when people were going to find the last secret of this character.

After that, left two more clues: The secret was hidden in Skellige and you had to go further than expected to get it. Well, it turns out that xLetalis followed those clues and managed to find the secret. To comment on it as it should be, yes, it’s time to talk about spoilers for Blood and Wine, one of the game’s expansions. If you haven’t missed it and don’t want to be spoiled by any surprises, it’s time to stop reading.

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There is a quest in this expansion that leads Geralt to investigate the curse that afflicts Vivienne de Tabris, a lady who is slowly turning into a bird and needs to use magic to disguise the effects of this spell. You can cure her by passing that curse to a bird egg, although Geralt warns that this will have a consequence: the woman’s death within 7 years.

And this is where the magic begins. Using console commands, xLetalis moved Vivienne to Skellige to fulfill Weber’s prophecy. Behind this, sped up the game to spend 7 years inside it. And, well, as predicted, the lady died while she was following her routine. Of course, with the comical result that the physics of her dress are not very well used for this specific case.

Unfortunately, apart from the death of this lady, xLetalis says that nothing else changed in your game. The rest of the NPCs were going about their normal business, no one had anything to say about Vivienne’s demise, and as for the 7 years passing, as expected, no one was saying anything about it.

In the end, these kinds of easter eggs are cool, but you shouldn’t expect them to be radical game-changers either. Of course, it is possible that now that his secret has already seen the light of day, Philipp Weber I can sleep peacefully. That, or give us more clues about more hidden content that we haven’t found in the game yet, who knows.