Elden Ring has significant problems on Steam Deck, and its solution may help the rest of the platforms

Steam Deck is gradually reaching more homes after its discreet launch on February 25. Although Valve plans the massive arrival of consoles during the next two months, there are still many players who pre-ordered it and are expectant of an approximate date to be able to get hold of it.

For this reason, many are assessing what the capabilities of the portable console are now that many users and content creators are messing with it. Among the 1,000 games verified by Valve, Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s open world bet, has slipped into the list despite its performance issues.

According to Digital Foundry, the British medium associated with Eurogamer and focused on the analysis of hardware and software, the problems in the rate of images per second and the stuttering seem to have a cause, though still there is no definitive solution on the table. Many users point out that the problem is the load of shaderbut Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais points to the memory load on the GPU.

“The compilation of Shaders is not the main cause of the stuttering in the console. As we have highlighted, the game creates many thousands of data which makes our memory manager exceed trying to handle all that information. We now cache those mappings more aggressively, which seems to be helping the console to run the game properly.”

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At the moment, Griffais assures that part of the memory allocation problems have been solved with the recent 1.03 update, but it is still a bug that is being trying to fix. In fact, and although these settings are focused on the Valve laptop, the developer anticipates that, although he cannot confirm it, this could be the core of the errors in the rest of platforms.