Fortnite returns with its new season, but the construction is left behind: the battle royale loses, for the moment, its sign

Fortnite has emerged as the battle royale by excellence. There is a lot of competition between Warzone, Apex Legends, the hegemonic on Steam PUBG: Battlegrounds and almost any title that seeks to do its bit in this genre. However, Epic Games’ bet was detached from its base game while it has managed to evolve and be one of the most important bets and economically profitable of history

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Much has been said about whether the zenith of the game came in its Chapter 2, that new stage disguised as a sequel that put a lot of things on the table and pushed the collaboration phenomenon to the limit. Be that as it may, the current Chapter 3 premieres its second seasonbut among the most notable novelties is the construction loss what stands out the most.

We talked about rumors that had been cooking for several days and finally we have had confirmation from the developer of this unusual decision. The construction, hallmark of the battle royalehas been temporarily suspended. The reason? Apparently it is not due to any error, it is simply a decision of the developer studio itself as part of this new season.

This “house brand” has given way to some incorporations that we do not know how they will be received by the players in the following days. On the one hand, players now have much more varied movements when moving around the map. A kind of Parkour why survive in the battle royale more difficult now that we don’t have the possibility to build anything.


New movement skills

On the other hand, Epic Games has introduced “Full Shield“, an ability that grants an extra shield independent of the classic health and shield bars. A somewhat curious movement that seeks to make users not feel so unprotected. Of course, as we read in the patch notes, this suppression only affects standard modes of Battle Royale, while the competitive scene, as well as Team Rumble and Creative Islands will continue to have the ability to build that we know so far.

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This lack has perhaps overshadowed the rest of the Fortnite news. Among the most notorious collaborations we find Doctor Strangeas part of the event of his next tape, as well as a new map and a modest amount of weapons where the armored battle bus.