GhostWire: Tokyo comes to PC with a port prepared to take full advantage of the platform and offer deep customization

We are just a week away from GhostWire: Tokyo, the new from the creator of Resident Evil, goes on sale. Taking you to a rather macabre version of the Japanese capital, in the game you will embody Akito, who will have to fight against all kinds of supernatural creatures while being possessed by the spirit of KK, who will give him the powers he needs to do so.

This new adventure, as expected, will come to PC, and it seems that it has every intention of taking advantage of the potential of the platform and the new technologies available to it. Today we know that the port that will reach us is adapted with everything our computers can offer.

For starters, the game allows you to use three different types of upscaling technologies. The best known of all is the DLSS from Nvidia, although to access it you must have an RTX 20 or 30 graphics card, somewhat above the recommended requirements for the title. If you are playing with a GTX 1080 or your graphics is an AMD, do not worry, because you will also have access to the FSR of the red team. As if all this were not enough, from Wccftech they confirm that Unreal Engine’s own TSR can also be used. Everything is a matter of trying the different alternatives!

In addition to that, the title Boasts ray-traced lighting, something that, given the nocturnal and neon-filled setting of the title, you will surely want to activate. Luckily you have DLSS, FSR or TSR to be able to take the performance hit that that could bring.

GhostWire: Tokyo confirms its release date and reveals its minimum and recommended requirements

The game also enjoys a wide variety of graphic options, support for HDR, unlimited frame rate and all kinds of adjustments to lighting or textures. Something that is appreciated, but that should be the norm when we are talking about great productions that come to PC.

Lastly, the game also supports ultra-wide resolutions, proving that the PC version of this action-horror game considered a wide variety of options for our favorite platform. We are facing a port that seeks to cover all your needs.

Ghostwire Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo will arrive on the 25th. Although it is true that Nvidia has not yet released new Game Ready drivers for the title, it is quite logical to expect that we can have them for the next few days. Don’t forget to update the graph! It is very important to get as much juice as possible in this new title.