SIFU’s most spectacular mod automatically makes it the best Matrix game

the crazy ones bizarre of the community sometimes they are excuses to try a game and push it to the limit with things so wacky that it’s worth starting just to have a good time. It already happened with the same SIFU a month ago, who saw how characters of the stature of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo entered the game to deliver slaps.

However, community mods also serve to create new and almost unique things like, in this case, the best matrix game. Yes, we know that this is perhaps a somewhat extreme statement, but since The Matrix: Path of Neo, the Warner Bros. franchise has not made the leap back to the video game and this SIFU mod demonstrates how should i do it for a hypothetical new project.

Although the video that you can find below is spectacular and transfers the epic action of the Matrix to SIFU, they are in total 4 mods that we need to replicate it in the same way:

Likewise, other users have managed to transfer the mythical fight between Neo and hundreds of Smith agents from the second tape to the video game with the Enemy Spawner mod. This mod is much more intrusive as it modifies the game code to get a spawn unlimited of enemies and is only limited to specific sections of the campaign.

Sloclap’s title has been a sound success despite its short advertising campaign and its premiere prior to this year’s two titans such as Lost Ark and Elden Ring. However, the Parisian studio has already announced that we will see future content for the game and, if not, we can always include Batman or Spider-Man and create our own fighting game.