New World details its 2022 roadmap: the content will be constant and makes it clear that Lost Ark has not replaced it

Much has been said about the Amazon Game Studios history in the video game world. The first incursion of the division of the Jeff Bezos company in the video game gave curious results, with a huge number of players, but critical paths regarding the stability of the game.

It seems that Lost Ark, despite tripping over the same stone, has maintained its balance, but this does not mean that New World will come to nothing. The American company has shared the first image of the Roadmap of the MMO for this year 2022 after several months of content drought and a decreasing player rate.

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Thus, Amazon Game Studios has divided this year into 3 major update periods of content: spring, summer and autumn, although as expected we will continue to receive updates and improvements in the quality of life month to month. As we can see in the image, removing the summer period, it seems that it will be in spring and autumn when the MMO receives the most important events with open arms.

New World Roadmap




Expedition “Tempest’s Heart”

Two new expeditions

New Territory: Bimstone Sands

PvP arenas of up to 6 players in teams of 3

Expedition Companion Selector

Expedition “The Ennead”

New Weapon: Blunderbuss

summer event

New Weapon: Greatsword

Group Leaderboard

Nightvale Hallow Event

Turkulon Event 2022

Likewise, and as we can read at the bottom, all this future new content is not yet fixed and can receive various changes. In fact, the date for the arrival of this content it has not been shared by Amazon, so we understand that everything will not arrive in the same update, but that it will be a content that will expand over time.