The parents of Until Dawn announce their new horror game with the full moon as the protagonist, and we can see it tomorrow

Horror games have a large audience within this platform far from the more independent and smaller experiences. In that territory, Supermassive Games has carved a niche for itself in videogames with the exclusive Until Dawn for PlayStation and cross-platform under license from The Dark Pictures, but now adds one more to the list: The Quarry.

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The British studio leaves aside the publisher Bandai Namco, with which they maintain the development of future titles beyond The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, and allies with 2K Games for a future horror game about which we know little or nothing. The company has shared a brief video that leaves unclear focus of the game, but on their official Instagram account they mention the hashtag #summercamp. Perhaps set in a summer camp? It is an option.

From what the distributor says, The Quarry will be a horror experience signed by the English company available this summer. Of course, if we want to know more about this proposal, Supermassive Games quotes us for tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) for its official presentation, although the Americans have not shared if we can see it live or simply a preview on their YouTube channel.

Based on the company’s past, it is very likely that the British will not move away from their proposal for interactive action that little has evolved, although it has been polished until reaching House of Ashes. Meanwhile, the studio continues to work on the future of the horror game anthology The Dark Pictures which will end with The Devil in Me. this same year.