One Punch makes the leap from the manga to Elden Ring with an almost perfect build, very broken and without the need for mods

When a game is good, regardless of reviews or revenue, the community that builds around it is usually dedicated heart and soul to it. create content for the same. Not only when making compilation videos or memes, but mods or experiments so that the rest of the players are surprised with how far you can go.

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Elden Ring is a game that lends itself to this and almost since its launch we have seen how players have explored, pushed the limit or tampered with the game to make the most of your potential. In this case, we are not talking about a mod, although there are some available that save us from more than one jam, but about a build of character so crazy and exaggerated, that it moves to Saitama to the universe of Miyazaki and Martin.

The first step of streamer sohoslick has been to create a character similar to the one in the anime/manga thanks to his character editor, and then imbue this particular Saitama with strength, skill and discipline to become the final boss of many of the enemies of the game. Although the American user has not shared details of his build, he does not use mods or anything like that, only a cestus and the ash Hound’s Pass.

The result? Judge yourselves. Although the first enemy is knocked down with two hits—something we can ignore since the first attack is a kick—the streamer has no problem knocking down several of them with a single punch. Of course, the user warns that although it may seem spectacular, this build works better against low level enemiesalthough he also dares with some other boss like General Radahn, only with fists.

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Without a doubt, one of those videos that have gone viral thanks to the madness of its proposal despite winning some other criticism. And it is that, as we have anticipated before, it is quite difficult to complete the game without clothes and with a single cestus. However, hopefully in the coming weeks more and more content creators and players will take the game to the extreme with no-hit games, like this one from a player who managed to beat the game in under 3 hours, and speedruns with the objects and builds craziest possible.