Elden Ring suffers from all these technical problems on PC and we will tell you how you can solve the ones that can be fixed

Elden Ring has been one of the biggest releases of last February and, if we look to the future, surely the latest work by Miyazaki and the Japanese studio FromSoftware will also will mark the rest of the year. It is a resounding statement, we know, but its importance in the industry is capital with spectacular income and near-perfect reviews.

Elden Ring is full of "liars later" and other strange messages: memes you only find in Fromsoftware games

However, Elden Ring not a perfect title. Far from wanting to make an assessment of the game itself, we are talking about its technical state, one that has generated more than one headache for players and FromSoftware itself. If you are close to the history of the Japanese studio, you will know that the PC versions of their games have not enjoyed a good reputation and Elden Ring did not come to change things.

Elden Ring is good, but has problems, some serious and difficult to solve and others so simple that you can correct them in a matter of minutes. For this reason, we have brought you all the errors that have been detected in the game and that we too have suffered. A list of compatibility issues or bugs and their respective solutions to make your walk through the Midlands as pleasant as possible.

stuttering – Stuttering or flickering of the image

Why is this error in Elden Ring? The truth is that aside from compatibility problems with the operating system or the excessive and momentary use of resources from third-party software on our system, the stuttering in Elden Ring has its reason in the game code itself. Loading screens are not a resource introduced in the video game because yes, they are used to load textures, polygons and, in general, the shader of the game. In fact, this last term is the cause of most problems in the game.

These shader are small codes that contain the algorithmic calculations needed to calculate the color of each rendered pixel, based on lighting and material settings. As a general rule, the game compiles certain shader once as we enter a certain area so as not to have to load them later or also in the loading screens. Call of Duty: Warzone, for example, allows us to load all the shader beforehand to avoid problems later.

It can be fixed? At the moment, the only alternative is reduce shadows and graphic load. The answer may be very capital, but it is so. It is due, mainly and as we have mentioned, to the design of the game itself. Elden Ring graphics engine is ready to load shaders as we go forward instead of doing them in advance. This translates into small freezes and drops of images per second due to that load that the game does in the middle of the action.

controller problems

What is causing this error? As a general rule, you connect the peripheral and it works, but the game does not detect it. In this case we are talking about a compatibility issue and it is unfortunately more common than it may seem in Elden Ring.

It can be fixed? The answer is Yes, and it is much simpler than it may seem, so simple that, at least officially, it has already been solved. The Elden Ring Update 1.02.1 already fixed compatibility bugs and prioritizes the command when we connect it to our system. However, it is very likely that this error is still happening, so here we explain how to solve it:

Steam Big Picture Elden Ring

  • We open the Steam Big Picture Mode to enter the platform’s exclusive launcher designed to play.
  • We access the menu “Settings” and once there we enter “Controller Settings“.
  • Regardless of the control we use, whether it is a generic one, Xbox or PlayStation, we will have to make sure to enable “Xbox controller setup” and “Generic Command Configuration“.

FPS drops

What is causing this error? This is one of the most searched terms currently along with the stuttering and sadly the why is quite elusive. The underlying motive is optimization of the game itself. FromSoftware has never been very good at optimization and as a general rule it is the community that usually fixes the game after launch.

It can be fixed? Half. Although your solution is not as capital as the others cited in this article, we can do something to alleviate these problems in the stability of the frames per second of the game. Apart from the most obvious one that involves reducing the graphic quality and adjusting it to the needs of our PC, we can always use Windows to prioritize Elden Ring over the rest of the system software.

Elden Ring Performance

  • The first option, although somewhat optional, is turn off game mode. There is a lot of controversy surrounding how it works, but on Windows 10 it has been proven to sometimes help with FPS.
  • According to some players on Reddit, Elden Ring benefits from power plans Balanced what high performance. There is no clear reason and we may be facing an error when using our CPU, but it seems that better performance is obtained in this mode. To do this, we will have to access the Windows start menu “Edit power plan” and “Change advanced power settings“.

Elden Ring hides a coliseum that does not let you enter, but you can see it thanks to the community

Easy Anti-Cheat does not start

What is causing this problem? It is very simple. Easy Anti-Cheat, making its first foray into a company game to date, regulates user activity online and make sure we don’t cheat. Without it, the game doesn’t start and far from being a huge headache, its solution is simple.

It can be fixed? Yes. The update patch patch 1.02.1 has already done its job preventing this error from happening, but in case it persists, we just have to reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat:

Easy Anti-Cheat Elden Ring

  1. We access the Elden Ring installation folder following this path: C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Elden Ring.
  2. Once here, a new folder called EasyAntiCheat will appear in the Game folder. Here we will see an executable .exe called “easyanticheat_eos_setup“.
  3. It will be enough to run it and select “Repair”.

Maximum limit of 60 FPS

What is causing this problem? Deciding what is commonly called on PC as “capping” a game is not something lightly and it is that limit images per second to 60 it is done because the FPS rate is intimately linked with the animations. In many cases, the animations of a game are programmed in such a way that increasing the FPS would only cause compatibility and game performance problems. That is to say, we would see strange movements, the characters would not respond well to the controls and the popping it would be excessive.

elden ring fps

As you can see, there is no option to increase the rate of images per second

It can be fixed? Is hard. The configuration of the Elden Ring graphics engine —created by FromSoftware itself, although it leaves many basic editing and customization options for the user— does not allow the game’s FPS cap to be modified. Today and as long as the Japanese studio does not launch its own update to the market that eliminates this “casting” the only way is resort to modswith the risk it poses to the stability of the game.

Editor’s Note. The installation of these mods interferes with the use of Easy Anti-Cheat so we recommend the use of Steam in offline mode sacrificing any online option. If you don’t, you can see your account banned.

Elden Ring has a pause button from day one, no mods and it's also a "trick" pretty simple RPG

corrupt save game

What is causing this problem? Another rather curious problem that has led Bandai Namco to take responsibility for the problems caused. The reason is not entirely clear, but as reported by the distributor of Elden Ring, it is due to a desync with steam cloudthe automatic cloud save service of the launcher from Valve.

It can be fixed? Yesalthough it is a temporary solution waiting for an update to fix this unfortunate bug. Steam, by default, saves two types of files of our game: local and in the cloud. In this case, we will have to be very careful when choose which of them we keep associated with our account:

  • Once we get the message “Cloud save conflict“, a window will appear with the two saves associated with our account.
  • We have to look at which one is more recent according to the date to appear right next to “Last Modified”.
  • The local files may be newer, in that case we select “Upload to Steam Cloud” just to the right. In the event that those from the cloud are recent, we do the same by selecting “Download to system“.
St Cloud

Likewise, we recommend looking for the save file of our computer in case, by some chance and as has already happened, the save game I know corrupt. For this, we will have to save those files in another folder just in case in order not to start the game from scratch:

  1. In the search bar in the Windows start menu we write “Run” (without quotation marks).
  2. A tab will appear with a search box and we type %AppData% (with the % before and after).
  3. Once this is done, it will take us directly to the roaming folder of the system where we will have to access the Elden Ring folder.
  4. Inside, a folder with lots of random numbers will appear. This is the location of our save files with a .sl2 and .sl2bak extension.

Seeing this user play Elden Ring with some bananas instead of a controller makes us rethink its difficulty, or our ability.

The most recommended thing is that we copy and paste them in another folder, if possible a removable drive or external hard drive so as not to lose everything what we have advanced in the game.