Playing Lost Ark, I realized what makes Diablo such a unique and addictive action RPG: the loot

What a week we’ve been with Lost Ark, right? The successful Smilegate MMORPG has been enough for a few days to captivate the western public -we have already philosophized enough about that, because to a large extent this reception has to do with the fact that we have been waiting for years for a game that has not stopped growing in Korea. Be that as it may, it is really fun and it has been released on Steam setting activity records. Now, when I’m not queuing 15,000 people to get into Zinnervale and I finally get to get into upgrade my spear gunner (gunlancer sounds cooler, I think) I always get a specific thought.

“This is great, but I want Diablo IV by yesterday.”

Don’t you get the feeling that people can be too divisive? Either you are from Barça, or you are from Madrid; but enjoying football impartially is not even contemplated. Three quarters of the same with the potato omelette with or without onion. On the subject of games, however, I refuse to have to choose. I’m having a great time on Lost Ark because it’s well presented, I’m switching between activities from one minute to the next and it rarely makes me feel stuck. At the same time, Blizzard’s alternative excites me with how it’s designing the character’s build and the items that define it. Two similar but different games that will coexist together.

Arkesia’s adventure is one I am very glad to have embarked on, but far from taking the hype for Blizzard’s long-awaited action RPG, it gives me more; and that it gives me stick to admit it after learning the bad things that have happened in the company. I would say that the explanation behind this lies in the character developmentWell, even if Lost Ark is incredibly fluid and deep, Diablo has a scary level of dynamism—something of tremendous value in the face of player retention. This is not to say that one is better than another at all, nor do I wish to change anyone’s preferences. But I think it does illustrate how far the power of suggestion that the Californian studio has.

The successful launch of Lost Ark explained in depth: Amazon gives concrete data on the numbers that the game has reaped

Thinking of the itemization ideal: who has better objects?

I remember that one of the first questioning exercises that Blizzard planned in their quarterly development updates for Diablo IV was the stats associated with equipment. A shield it should provide defensive bonuses consistently (which is not the case in Diablo III) while a one-handed wand should be faster than a huge two-handed scepter. I think that by taking inspiration from our previous visits to Sanctuary, Lost Ark unconsciously inherits this kind of nonsense that Blizzard has already surpassed or is on its way to surpassing. Opening the inventory, I see that I have a ring with a bonus to the “critical” stat for characters oriented in what we would normally call CHC/CHD. That doesn’t quite fit the object, nor do I find it enjoyable as a player because it feels uncontrollable.

Specializing characters is fun, and you need control to do that.

That says rather little because all the arms merchants The ones I’ve come across so far sell spears with just 5% attack speed. Put another way, there’s no point in making a character centered around critical damage: I don’t hit enough times to be worth it. As a spear gunner, it’s much more viable to focus on crowd control by upping dominance and dominance stats; or what is the same, transmit debuffs between groups of enemies to finish them off working as a team. Smilegate knows that well, so it adds several layers of extra complexity to evolve in certain directions. Once I reach character level 50, I will be given the choice of specializing through the engravings of “lone knight” (offensive) and “combat readiness” (defensive). Similarly, I can buy carving stones in any city. It’s not bad, but it’s not smooth.

Lost Ark (Smilegate)

I want to go up in dominance, but it’s hard because they don’t release the pieces I need.

In that sense, Diablo III feels a little more liberated, to define it in some way; although each class responds to specific fantasies — the monk is a low defense DPS, for example — his build actually supports a lot of different builds. My favorite class was always the witch doctor, and contrasting ideas with other players I have come to have a character that is dedicated to exploding over and over again while going through the dungeons in record time… transformed into a chicken. That’s it funny, although Lost Ark understands the fun in another way. Smilegate goes all out with one action bespoke, choreographed, cinematic; a festival of enemies that get blown up or blown up as I cast abilities so strong they shake the camera. Growing, on the other hand, is more underpinned.

The logic of loot is as important as the generosity of the RNG: it’s not enough to “live up” to danger, you have to go further

I insist: that is not inherently good or bad, but a different way of doing things. Being an MMORPG, Lost Ark tasks the player gather collectibles, explore islands and invest a good part of their rewards in carving stones. Growth paths, in short, tied to the routine completion of objectives or the management of materials. Diablo III, meanwhile, is more managerial and fluid: it drops you before an endless horde of hellish creatures, knowing that you will end up collecting a lot of rewards in the end. What you do with them is up to you. That constant stream of new pieces of gear is something I frankly miss in the Smilegate game, because I think one of the most fun things to do in character-building games is to experiment.

Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment)

Neither better nor worse, a matter of taste

As I was saying, we are used to divisions, teams; I suspect there will eventually come a time when Lost Ark enters a certain rivalry with Diablo IV, maybe with Path of Exile. Those nasty comments will come that say dead game to anything that doesn’t have a daily update or top #1 on Twitch, that kind of thing. But I think it’s a great time to be an action RPG fan, because we have great games to choose from. Smilegate has built its most successful production around the learned lessons from Blizzard – to the oldest, yes – moving them to an expansive environment. The parents of WoW, meanwhile, continue to go wrong with a build that should feel logical and satisfying. And PoE? A bit between the two.

  • Lost Ark is available for free on Steam and Amazon Games.
  • Diablo IV will go on sale on, with no confirmed date.
  • The Path of Exile f2p will be updated to PoE 2 (or version 4.0) in 2022.