Don’t run out of Elden Ring: reserve it at the best price for PC before its launch

This week, in just three days, we will receive one of the most anticipated releases of a 2022 that has started off strong. We are talking, of course, about Elden Ring, the new proposal by master Miyazaki and that has been raising the hype of the community for quite some time to amazing heights.

And since none of us want to be left without it and neither pay more than is strictly necessary to sink our teeth into it from minute one, then we review some of the stores where we can buy it now at the best price to receive it this Friday. And spend a weekend of dying, dying and dying again while facing enemies on horseback that will test our patience.

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Reserve Elden Ring for PC at the best price

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Elden Ring - Standard Edition

Elden Ring – Standard Edition

Set in a dark, dangerous and tremendously rich world as only FromSoftware, Elden Ring can bring us introduces open world gameplay in the style of previous titles such as Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. We will be able to travel on horseback or on foot through its vast territories, both online and alone.

And also as in previous installments, the customization of our character will be crucial when it comes to facing some enemies that seem desperately complicated to beat. With a large number of armors, weapons, skills and powers to play with in a thousand different ways.