Do you want to know the true aspect of the NPCs in Elden Ring? Thanks to dataminers, we can now see what they hide behind their masks

That FromSoftware really likes to take care of all the details of its games is something that cannot be discussed at this point. Despite the problems they may have, we have always seen a high level of care in aspects that perhaps no one would ever see that is part of the studio’s identity. Obviously, his new game was not going to be less.

Today we can see what is hidden in the faces of many Elden Ring characters. While it is true that many of them have their faces covered (such as Varré, the first person you meet in the game), the Japanese studio has a habit of create unique faces for all your characters. Thanks to the work of a dataminer, we are going to find out what the inhabitants of the Middle Lands look like.

We know all this thanks to Zullie the Witch, a YouTuber well known for her work dissecting FromSoftware games and looking for the smallest details. As expected, she is dedicating herself to inquire in elden ringand one of the first things he has done has been to unmask the NPCs in the game.

The truth is that this section of the game is full of curious details. Did you know that all the bloody fingers that invade you have the same tattoo on their face, as it is a symbol that represents their boss? I haven’t, at least not until now, and this is something that hides behind their masks. On the other hand, the Dreg Eater has exactly the face i imagined what would I have

Zullie has decided to divide her findings into two videos: the first, which is about the NPCs that are (mostly) friendly, and another one that teaches the invaders. what do they want take away your precious runes. It’s certainly quite an interesting thing to see, as some of these non-playable characters have surprising faces.

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In addition to this, the videos teach what options you should use in the character creator if you want to clone these characters. Unfortunately, other characters like Ranni, Rennala and Melina they don’t use the same resources that are present to the players, so they can’t be replicated. Also, because of this, they can’t be imported to view like in this video, so you’ll have to zoom in on their face or use the telescope to get a look at them.